We Provide Worldwide Consultations

Our services are available online.  Using Zoom, it is easy to access our consultants in the privacy of your own home.  All you need is a webcam and internet connection and you are all set! Whether you live down the street, across town, across the country, or across the globe, we work with you to ease the stress of finding safe and inclusive colleges.  

How to Use Zoom

Zoom is our standard video chat app.  It's simple and reliable, and works smoothly for most people.

Setting Up Zoom

When you first click on the link to join a live meeting, your computer will automatically download Zoom.  If prompted, you should click 'OK' to confirm download installation.  

During Your Meeting

The consultant will help manage the live meeting.  As a participant, we recommend that you use headphones.  This helps minimize feedback and helps to ensure good audio quality during your session.

Zoom Tutorials

Basic Meeting Controls