Professional College Consulting Services

How We Help Students and Parents

Academic Planning

College success begins with a purposeful high school experience.  We help students develop and evaluate their high school plan to make certain that they are on track.

College Selection

Helping students find the 'best fit' college is our primary goal. Using our unique Supportive Allergy-Friendly EdEnvironments® technique, we advise students on selecting colleges and universities that have the right academic, financial, and personal support so that they can thrive in college and beyond.  

College Admission

We help students complete applications and essays that truly represent who they are and what they have  accomplished.  We help manage the college application process and ensure that every deadline is met and that students have completed their best work.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

With college costs averaging more than $500 per week, affordability is often a key consideration for many families. We help families master financial aid and scholarship procedures; knowledge that will pay dividends in the long run. 

Affordable Options

College Strategy Session

We keep our client commitments manageable so that our students get the attention that they need.  We ask that all prospective clients schedule an initial strategy session to make sure that we are a good fit for your family.  There is a small fee for this strategy session.  If applicable, please upload a copy of your transcripts, your test scores, a writing sample and complete a new client form. 

Consulting on a Shoe-String

On-demand, hourly private advising on any aspect of college planning (your choice). This fee applies to information meetings with 9th and 10th-grade students seeking early guidance but who are not ready to sign-up for a package.  

Bridge Program

Designed for students in the 9th through 12th grade who are interested in retaining a private adviser for confidential consultations.  Students and parents receive private, one-to-one guidance.  This program includes 4 meetings per academic year.

Essay Only

Designed for 12th-grade students.  This service includes essay evaluation and critique for students who want assistance with college applications and/or scholarship essays.

College List Program

Designed for students in the 11th and 12th grade, this service includes a personalized list of up to 10 colleges as well as access to College Planner Pro.  This program includes up to 8 private meetings as well as communication by phone or email or in independent research and work on your student's case. 

ACE Application

Designed for 12th-grade students, this service includes application assistance, essay development guidance, and critique, resume writing and other services.  This program includes up to 12 private meetings as well as communication by phone or email with your student or in independent research and work on your student's case.