Does my teen have to have a food allergy to work with you?

We welcome and serve all college-bound students but we specialize in assisting students with food allergies. During our sessions, there will be a focus on learning the art of self- advocacy; a skill that will be useful to all college-bound students.

My son/daughter is in the 10th grade, are we too early?

Not at all. In fact, starting now gives your teen an advantage over others who wait until their junior or senior year of high school. Why? Because they are in the middle of creating the 'body of work' that an admissions officer will review and judge in a few years.

My teen is a high school junior, are we too late?

Not at all. In fact, getting started now (this spring) will give your teen the opportunity

to work with me over the summer on key parts of their admissions portfolio. Just  remember that the earlier you start, the more choices you have.

What do you do anyway?

I help ease your stress and light the way! I coach teens through the college selection, application, essays, major and careers, financial aid and scholarship process. And for students with special dietary needs, I help them research and find safe and inclusive colleges to apply, work with them so that they can become strong advocates and plan for their transition to college. Our services are for private, one-to-one consulting.

Why do I need a private college consultant if my teen already has a high school guidance counselor?

Most parents may not realize that the average caseload of public high school guidance counselors in the United States is 500 (students) to 1 (guidance counselor) and students receive only 38 minutes of personal advising on college admissions and financial aid planning! Unlike your high school guidance counselor, we provide individually tailored

and customized services; hours of one-on-one consultations; flexible scheduling and access on weekends and in the evenings; and peace of mind and relief to busy families.

So, how much do you charge?

Our goal is to provide college advising to families at a reasonable price.  We provide a broad range of services to fit a variety of family budgets. We also offer different payment options.