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Build a S.A.F.E. and Inclusive College List for Students With Food Allergies


A comprehensive, college selection course by a professional college food allergy consultant provides resources to help you build a food-allergy friendly college list for students with special dietary needs.

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Professional insight to help you grow your business.  Get the tools and resources you need to advise students with food allergies and grow your clientele.   

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Using our unique Supportive Allergy-Friendly EdEnvironments® technique, we provide college counseling and college selection advice to students with food allergy on admissions to colleges and universities that have the right academic, financial, and personal support so that they can thrive in college and beyond.  



How to Choose an Allergy-Savvy College

In this episode, I explain how important it is to choose colleges that care about food allergies and that have specific policies in place to make sure that your teen is taken care of.  Together with Megan Dorsey and Gretchen Wegner of the College Prep Podcast, I discuss:

  • Things university administrators are doing to be allergy-savvy
  • What to look for on your college visit, and how to analyze the “health fit” of the schools you’re considering
  • How to help students with allergies develop self-advocacy skills before they go off to college
  • Concerns related to roommates, peers, and social lives of college students,
  • and much more!

Episode 153

What Clients Are Saying


"Changed the Direction of My Education"

I cannot think of one individual that I would recommend, over Dr. Randall, to assist anyone in navigating the college application process. She personally helped me make a change in the direction of my education that is changing my life, and I appreciate her.  To put it simply, she truly cares, and she knows her stuff!!!     

S.W. (Student)


"Dedication To Students and Parents"


Dr.  Randall has been excellent working with my daughter. She has given her great advice, inspired her and encouraged her to the best she can be. She has helped my daughter in her journey towards college. Anyone that works  with Dr. Randall will have a great experience and become very successful. Thank you Dr. Randall for all your hard work, dedication and care that you have not only given my daughter but to me as her parent. I appreciate you. 

K. Potter (Parent)     


"Knowledgeable About College Financial Aid"

I highly recommend Bridge2College Consulting. My daughter got admission in the college of her choice. Dr. Randall is highly knowledgeable about the college financial aid process. Video-call based interaction with Dr. Randall was very convenient and it was pleasant to collaborate with her. I highly recommend her service. 

Anurag B. (Parent)